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Where Stone Polymer Flooring Shines: Design

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In the case of SPC flooring, we think we've hit a home run for our customers. Just check out the beautiful designs available.

Amazing Wood Look Designs

As you can see from the images in this article, the wood look designs abound. And they're amazing!

These realistic wood look designs come in many different colors, designs, and product lengths.  The high definition of the decorative paper layer in SPC allows the design to come through in the product.

Just as in the tile market, digital imaging is creating wonders in the resilient rigid core market.

Some designs have more of an engineered wood design, some make knots visible or others just offer a modern clean wood look.

The Benefits of Stone Polymer Composite Flooring

Let's focus next on the benefits associated with this flooring product. Did you know that SPC flooring is:

  • Waterproof

  • Pet-proof

  • Kid-proof

  • Perfect for humid environments

  • Highly fire resistant

  • Requires no acclimation

  • DIY installation – can be replaced at any time, without producing dust or waste

  • No dye lots to consider on a job

  • Soundproof thanks to a pad on the back of the SPC

It includes a warranty for residential and light commercial and offers easy care and maintenance. Simply sweep or mop for easy cleanup.

From a versatility perspective, SPC can be installed over most existing subfloors and won’t telegraph minor subfloor imperfections.

It's a floating floor system that uses a locking system for easy installation that can easily be replaced if necessary.

Carpet  as well.New degin look like carpet and easy to take care

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